Definitions for "Graveyard"
Keywords:  burial, buried, dead, taproom, rockin
A yard or inclosure for the interment of the dead; a cemetery.
Any of the many places in the taproom where balls can be lost. (i.e., behind the bar, in the hole in the stairs, etc.)
a tract of land used for burials
the predrawn shift in a Las Vegas casino
Light load hours. The time of the day when an electric power system would experience its lightest load, usually in the middle of the night.
The shift between midnight and breakfast in a 24-hour cardroom or casino.
A location where discontinued, abandoned, and retired codebases and projects are stored. The graveyard preserves the information for posterity, reference, and potential future re-activation, while keeping it clearly distinct from active work.
Keywords:  scaffolds, civic, built, enough, below
a civic building, as covered below-- so it will be built (the cost is three scaffolds) only after you have already built enough other civic buildings
Keywords:  discard, pile
a discard pile
Keywords:  museum, outdoor, deal, stones, learn
an outdoor museum that allows us to learn a great deal about the people that came before us, just by reading the writing on their stones
Keywords:  alive, says, died, old, agreement
an old agreement made/between the living and the living who have died/that says we keep their names and dates alive