Definitions for "Coffin"
The case in which a dead human body is inclosed for burial.
To inclose in, or as in, a coffin.
A container for a mummy. It could be a rectangular box or anthropoid (human) shaped. The word coffin is often interchanged with sarcophagus, although strictly the latter refers to the outer stone container which contains the coffin.
A coffin is a combination jump seen on the cross-country phase of eventing. The obstacle involves jumping a set of rails, with one to several strides downhill to a ditch, and then one two several strides uphill to another set of rails (and so the combination is also called "rails-ditch-rails"). Coffins used to be more pronounced in their change of terrain, with a drop down, to a ditch, to a bank up.
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A casing or crust, or a mold, of pastry, as for a pie.
The hollow crust or hoof of a horse's foot, below the coronet, in which is the coffin bone.
Heavy-duty flight case for carrying DJ equipment.
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a canoe is a chest is a lifebuoy
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A conical paper bag, used by grocers.
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a particularly significant background for a picture of man in his youth, naked, and holding in either hand the elements out of which physical death may have found its way into human experience
Laying back on seat with hands still holding on handlebars.
Cheap miniaturised hotel rooms in Japan.
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A basket.
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A big shoe.
a convenient thing sometimes to have around
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a very acceptable present to a rich parent in good health
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a six-sided container made out of wood
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place into a coffin; "her body was coffined"