Definitions for "Canoe "
A boat used by rude nations, formed of trunk of a tree, excavated, by cutting of burning, into a suitable shape. It is propelled by a paddle or paddles, or sometimes by sail, and has no rudder.
A boat made of bark or skins, used by savages.
A light pleasure boat, especially designed for use by one who goes alone upon long excursions, including portage. It it propelled by a paddle, or by a small sail attached to a temporary mast.
a construction element of modern three-point hydroplanes, including sponson, chines, and air trap full length from bow to stern, molded as one piece.
A portion of a three-point hydroplane, comprising the sponson, chines, and air trap, molded as a single piece.
travel by canoe; "canoe along the canal"
The optimal method of travel in what we call Canoe Country, whether for Ojibwe, Voyageur, or contemporary tripper. From the Haitian canoa; dating back to the expeditions of Columbus, who discovered them in use in the Caribbean.
Usually floats, has two seats, three thwarts, and can be carried by one toter. Canoe Outpost canoes can hold two people and three little kids or two people and a pile of camping gear. Canoe Outpost canoes don’t carry oversized coolers. Canoe Outpost canoes are not registered for motors of any type including trolling motors. Canoe Outpost canoes are silver aluminum with round blue and white stickers. Also see The Canoe Outpost Way.
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To manage a canoe, or voyage in a canoe.
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A canoe is also called a Canadian canoe, an open canoe or a decked canoe. As above.