Definitions for "Outpost"
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A post or station without the limits of a camp, or at a distance from the main body of an army, for observation of the enemy.
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Outpost is also the name of an upcoming horror film directed by Steve Barker
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Best Buy's term for fixtures/displays that are outside of Media Department (e.g., a 4-sided fixture that often represents one Studio on each side known as Race Track or Spinner)
Outpost is a video game developed and published by Sierra On-Line. The game was noteworthy for having a hard science fiction approach, without standard science fiction technologies like faster than light travel, force fields, cloaking devices or teleporters. Outpost was developed with input from a NASA scientist, to verify technical details of gameplay features.
a settlement on the frontier of civilization
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The places where players will meet to form groups for missions or PvP/GvG competition.
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A locality in which Army work is carried on and where it is hoped a society or corps will develop.
A hole in the enemy position which can be occupied by a minor piece, or sometimes by a rook.
Outpost is an upcoming project from, The Descent director and writer, Neil Marshall. Marshall doesn't expect the film to come to theaters until 2008.
Outpost is an upcoming project from, The Descent director and writer, Neil Marshall. Marshall doesn't expect the film to come to theaters until 2008.
Outpost (2002) is a collaborative album by electronic musicians Robert Rich and Ian Boddy. Recording of this album began during a week in October, 2001 while Boddy was visiting Rich’s studio in California. It was completed in November when Rich visited Boddy’s studio in Northern England.
An outpost is a square in an open file which is protected by a pawn. Outposts are a favourable position from which to launch an attack, particularly using a knight. The reason an outpost is so strong is that it is immune to attack from major pieces (rooks and queens) because of the pawn, whilst if the enemy wishes to attack it with a pawn it generally weakens its own pawn structure.
a square which cannot easily be attacked by pawns, suitable for occupation by a knight or other piece. 1. e4 e5 creates potential outposts on d5/f5 for White and d4/f4 for Black. Nc3-d5 may be met with ...c6, but if White plays Nd2-f1-e3-f5 Black may hesitate before playing ...g6 which may create holes in front of the king. See the Knights handout.
An artificial world designed to detect and scan enemy fleets.
A place (e.g. trench) some distance in front of the main group of soldiers, to watch the enemy and prevent any nasty surprises.
A type of settlement in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel makes a distinction between outposts and settlements by acknowledging that some outposts may in fact be built illegally.
A safe square near or in enemy territory that is protected by friendly pawns or pieces, and subject to effective occupation by one of your pieces.
A stationary body of troops placed at some distance from the main body while at a halt or in a defensive position. These troops protect the main body from surprise, observation, or annoyance by enemy ground forces.
The troops placed at such a station.
A piece that is placed on a square on the opponent's side of the board and protected by a pawn, so that no enemy pawn can attack it. It can only be removed by a concerted attack by enemy pieces.
A term used to describe a square that supports a piece. The square is usually in the opposite side of the board from the piece's origin; in the enemy's camp. The square is usually protected by a least one pawn. Category: Glossary 2 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
a settlement in the making
a security detachment to protect a resting command or a defensive position against annoyance, surprise, and observation by ground forces
a player built Station
a military post stationed at a distance from the main body of troops
a station in a remote or sparsely populated location
Term coined by Nimzowitsch; a piece placed on a square (on an open or half-open file) on the opponent's side of the board, protected by a Pawn, which cannot be attacked by an enemy Pawn. The power of the piece on the outpost can be so strong the opponent may be forced to exchange it, even at the cost of material or positional loss.
A square in or close to enemy territory which can never be attacked by an enemy pawn and which is (usually) supported by a friendly pawn. For instance, the square in front of a BACKWARD PAWN can be an outpost: with a White Pawn on e4, Black pawns on e5 and d6 and no Black c-pawn, d5 is an OUTPOST for White. Knights are particularly effective stationed on OUTPOSTS.
Outpost is an upcoming Zombie horror project.