Definitions for "Outboard"
Keywords:  hull, stern, boat, propeller, motor
Beyond or outside of the lines of a vessel's bulwarks or hull; in a direction from the hull or from the keel; -- opposed to inboard; as, outboard rigging; swing the davits outboard.
Powerboat having an engine outside the hull.
Descriptive of anything positioned outside the hull; also shorthand for an outboard motor or a boat powered by an outboard motor.
Keywords:  oarlock, oar, blade, tip, distance
The distance on an oar from the oarlock to the tip of the blade.
The distance from the oarlock to the tip of the oar's blade.
The part of the oar that extends from the oarlock to the water. A distance from the button of the oar to the blade. The longer the outboard, the harder it is to push the blade through the water due to a longer arc.
Away from the centreline of the ship, whether toward the ship's sides or beyond them.
Towards, at or beyond the ship's sides (therefore, outboard cabins usually have portholes)
located away from the midline of a vessel or aircraft; "the outboard section of a wing"; "outboard rigging"
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A component's location relative to the vehicle's longitudinal centre line, being placed well away from the centre line.