Definitions for "Birch"
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A tree of several species, constituting the genus Betula; as, the white or common birch (Betula alba) (also called silver birch and lady birch); the dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa); the paper or canoe birch (Betula papyracea); the yellow birch (Betula lutea); the black or cherry birch (Betula lenta).
The wood or timber of the birch.
A birch-bark canoe.
Keywords:  twig, flog, punishment, bundle, rod
A birch twig or birch twigs, used for flogging.
To whip with a birch rod or twig; to flog.
bundle of birch twigs used to hit people as punishment
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Birch is a PHP4 project allowing users to create their own Yahoo! style directories. The source was derived from the phpHoo2 project, but includes new features including soft-linking of categories and a more powerful admin interface.
Birch is a set of PHP scripts that allow you to create your own Yahoo! or ODP-style hierarchies. It uses the PHP PEAR DB abstraction layer, so it should work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, or almost any other database backend.
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an artist living and painting in the historic fishing port of Whitby, North Yorkshire with a contemporary
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Christmas Island.
high saponin (foam producing) content provides for clean, refreshing feeling; thermal protectant and foam enhancer in volume design foam.
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Of or pertaining to the birch; birchen.
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Natural, Uniform White, Select White, Uniform Red, Select Red RC