Definitions for "Fir"
A genus (Abies) of coniferous trees, often of large size and elegant shape, some of them valued for their timber and others for their resin. The species are distinguished as the balsam fir, the silver fir, the red fir, etc. The Scotch fir is a Pinus.
Any of a number of species of wood, normally Douglas Fir, known for their light weight, high strength and straight, even grain. See vertical grain.
A light coloured and soft wood. Needs to be dried very well before use.
Fast instantaneous reserve. SR that increases output within the first few seconds of a contingent event involving a frequency drop.
Fast IrDA. An IrDA standard for short-range, point-to-point, and half-duplex communication using infrared that provides maximum data rate of 4 Mbps. Also see IrDA and infrared.
Far infrared
Finite Impulse Response, a discrete, fixed duration resonse to an impulse
Finite Impulse Response (digital filter)
Finite Impulse Response filter, one containing no feedback elements
Abbreviation for inite mpulse esponse.
Fiscal Impact Report A projection of the direct public costs and revenues resulting from population or employment change to the local jurisdiction(s) in which the change is taking place. Enables local governments to evaluate relative fiscal merits of general plans, specific plans, or projects.
Resistive - In the absence of a specific ruling by the authority having jurisdiction, applies to materials for construction not combustible in the temperatures of ordinary fires and that will withstand such fires without serious impairment of their usefulness for at least 1 hour.
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Fahrner Image Replacement
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(Fairway in regulation) - A drive from the tee staying within the fairway for par 4's and 5's
Full Investigator Full investigator name. 2003: new introduced. Bayorh, M A
First Impression Report
The First Information Report, the first report, recorded by police, of a crime.
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flight information region.
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Factor intensity reversal.
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Men (sign on men's public toilets).
Men (Men's room)
Is the Futures Initial Requirement. It refers to the amount of the original margin or performance bond.