Definitions for "DS-3"
Equal in bandwidth to 28 T-1 (see entry) circuits, or approximately 45Mb/sec.
Digital signal, level 3; 44.736 megabits per second, the North American standard
Digital Service, level 3. Consists of 44.736 Mbps or commonly know as 45 Mbps. Equivalent to twenty-eight T-1 channels. Also called T-3.
44.736 Mb/s 28 DS-1s Synchronous data rates (SONET) are defined as
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Refers to a circuit that transmits 45,000,000 bits per second.
a fiber-optic, high speed Internet line capable of carrying up to approximately 45,000,000 bits per second
Connection to Internet Backbone favored by most medium-size Web hosting providers. More than 28 times the bandwidth of a T-1 connection.
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Synonym for T3.
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See T3.
T-3 672 44.736