Definitions for "Hosting"
levels of hosting exist from virtual hosting where your website is on a shared server, to dedicated hosting where you have your own private server.
for a website to be online it needs to be on a computers hard disk and connected to the internet 24/7, the computer can never be turned of so long as the site remains online. To host a website is to follow the above.
in order to display information on the internet a suitable hosting service is required to store and display your website to the world wide web. hosting services will vary depending on the functionality of the website. .
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A muster or review.
The allowance of visitation in one's body, from beyond the Veil. An opening to merge, so that an energy can temporarily see what it's like to be physical, while not having to put up with being anchored in 3D. In exchange, the visitor often leaves "seeding" energies, which allow for personal expansion when the time is right. Some also refer to these seeds as "implants," whether or not they come from Extraterrestrial Sources.
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An encounter; a battle.
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a fairly complex architecture, in which many components come together
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