Definitions for "Web server"
A network host that acts as an HTTP server.
A computer that stores Web documents and provides them to client computers which are running Web browsers. Usually powerful computers with a full time connection to the Internet are used as web servers. EXAMPLE: WebbSite Inc. has its own Web Server
A computer connected to a network that stores web pages and serves them up, on demand, to other computers on the network.
a tempting target for someone who wants to produce electronic graffiti or worse
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an amazing tool
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a service project of the ACM SIGDA (Special Interest Group on Design Automation)
A network PC with the special task of storing and transmitting documents that are in an HTML format.
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a rather simple beast
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(WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
a communication tool and a robot for office automation
an essential part of a working Secure Global Desktop installation
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a prime example of a system with many short-lived TCP connections
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a most often a PC, with mid-to-high level features
a pre-configured, electronic space that hosts the website
Keywords:  resides, business, site
on what a business's web site resides (p. 292)
a good example of an information publishing system
The application that supports user accesses over the web
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a good example of a service
webcam webcasting