Definitions for "Web Hosting"
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Operating a server for another company or individual. Web pages can also be hosted, stored, and taken care of on a server.
An Internet service, usually taking the form of a plan or package, which provides disk space, a monthly data transfer allowance and a collection of software features, such as a PHP, MySQL, etc. All this is implemented on a web server (computer) that is constantly connected to the Internet. See also: disk space | data transfer | PHP | MySQL
Web hosting allows your Web site to be connected to the Internet at high speed via a Web server so its information can be viewed globally through a browser. Metaphorically speaking, renting space on a server is comparable to renting an apartment. For a monthly fee, you reside in that apartment and all maintenance is the responsibility of the property. You also have access to certain amenities that would otherwise be a costly investment. A Web hosting company houses your Web site on its own secure servers, enabling you to affordably leverage the power of a high-speed network, 24/7 expert monitoring and support, and state-of-the-art technology.
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A service that allows a website to be published on the World Wide Web and made available for others to access.
Access to data through modem or network.