Definitions for "HSP"
Href http aspe hhs gov hsp hspother htm Human Services Policy
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Dry heat sterilization process TSP Fractional (tyndallization) sterilization process
heat shock protein. (heet shok PRO-teen) Family of proteins found in all cells that are expressed in response to cold, heat and other environmental stresses, although some are constitutively expressed. HSPs increase heat tolerance and perform functions essential to cell survival under these conditions. Some serve to stabilize proteins in abnormal configurations, and play a role in folding and unfolding of proteins, acting as molecular chaperones. There are four major subclasses: HSP90, HSP70, HSP60 and small HSPs. HSPs are believed to act as major immunogens in many infections and disease states. Learn more about heat shock proteins.
Abbreviation for heat shock protein.
Highly Sensitive Person
HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE POPULATION. means persons who are more likely than other populations to experience foodborne disease because they are either immunocompromised, preschool age children (infants or toddlers), or older adults.
HIGH SPEED PHOTOMETER. A sensitive light-measuring device that was aboard the Hubble Space Telescope, capable of detecting both ultraviolet and visible light, and of distinguishing events in time sparated by only one one-hundred-thousandth of a second. The HSP was removed during the First Sevicing Mission in 1993 to provide space for the COSTAR instrumentation designed to remediate the main mirror aberration.
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Henoch-Schönlein purpura
Host signal processor. In modems, a modem that depends on the host CPU (the Pentium, PowerPC, etc., in the main computer) for part or most of the data processing.
Hosting Service Providers (HSP) or more commonly, Web Hosts, are companies that make space and services available for people to host web-based content.
Host Signal Processor modem. These use software to provide the datapump and controller functions. HSP modems transfer the work normally done by the missing chips to software running on the host computer's main processor.
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Hollow Soft Point Punta Hueca Blanda
Heightened Sensory Perception
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Habitat Stewardship Program.
The Bluetooth Headset Profile. It allows a headset to be wirelessly connected to a device for audio input and output.
High-scoring segment pair. Local alignments with no gaps that achieve one of the top alignment scores in a given search.
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Health and safety plan
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home service provider