Definitions for "Headset"
Large plastic-bodied headphones, with a top-mounted infrared receiver, through which one listens to audio descriptions. Very bright LED at top of headset is highly conspicuous and indicates power on.
An alternative device to a telephone handset. Headsets require a connection to a telephone, usually through the handset jack (RJ-9) on a corded phone, or via a built-in jack on a cordless or wireless phone.
Headphones with a noise canceling mic, used as an intercom between roadies during the show. Brand names: RTS, Tech Pro and Clear Com. Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
This is the part that holds the fork to the frame and allows the fork to turn in the frame. It usually consists of a cup, a lock ring, and bearings.
the bearing assembly that attaches the fork to the head tube.
The bearings and cups that hold the fork in the frame. This allows you to steer.
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Headshaving Headshell
Headset is the name of a musical studio project masterminded by Plug Research record label owner Allen Avanessian and electronic musician Jimmy Tamborello. Tamborello is a member of Dntel and The Postal Service.
a good idea if you will frequently be using the computer and the phone simultaneously
a major accessory requirement, no doubt about it
a must-have cell phone accessory
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a worthwhile investment
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a bit inconvenient
a battery electronics that it amplifies and it changes the sound to allow one better communication
() A number of headsets require an amplifier to function. Please be sure to verify what components the headset you're looking at requires.
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an obvious addition
a must when talking while driving
A hands-free device allowing one to talk on the phone and yet keep both hands available for typing. Headsets are highly recommended for call center agents.
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a step in the right direction