Definitions for "Cans"
Something worn over the ears to allow sound to be heard without interference from other sounds in the room and without sending out interfering sound. Also known as headphones.
Headsets used by the production team to communicate
the headphones used in radio stations
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Cantilever Cantus Firmus
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Slang: Par-Cans (lighting instruments). Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
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abbr. parcan
Computing and Networking Services organization - develops, maintains, and operates the EMSL's computing infrastructure; advances research in electronic collaboration, information, and instrumentation. Collaborates with the MSCF.
Another term for recessed downlights.
A term sometimes used to refer to recessed down lights.
Trash cans, metal trash cans, plastic trash cans, stainless steel, garbage, aluminum and wooden can manufacturers.
A communication system that allows crew to talk to each other. The most common type is Canford Tecpro.
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Live Assist Stream Jockey
cylindrical surface-mounted luminaires
A term used for vans without a commercial or RV conversion interior installed.
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(preserving); 499
Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths