Definitions for "SPL"
Sound Pressure Level. Monitored using pro kit and measured in decibels - basically the amount of volume produced.
Sound Pressure Level. The intensity or level of sound (measured on the dB scale).
Audio measurement taking into account the entire audible spectrum. When measured, expressed in dB SPL.
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Senior Patrol leader. Leader of Superpatrol.
Senior Patrol Leader. The key elected boy leader over a troop. His duties include Troop administration, and those assigned to him by the Scoutmaster.
senior patrol leader. Top boy leader of a Boy Scout troop, elected. Is in charge of troop meetings and the patrol leaders' council.
Compressed Archive File or Printer Spool File Sprint Printer Driver or Sample File or Spell Checker Digitrakker Sample or Shockwave Flash Object
Spell Checker (file name extension)
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Sociedad Punta de Lobos
Abbreviation for Stored Procedure Language.
Stored Procedure Language. Database server based programs that can be invoked from the client or scheduled are usually called stored procedures.
Stored Procedure Language. An Informix extension to SQL that provides flow-control features such as sequencing, branching, and looping, comparable to those features provided in the SQL/PSM standard. SPL can be used for writing DataBlade module routines.
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Scottish Premier League
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Student Pilot's License
Student Pilot Licence
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Release directly into Spill Bay(s)
Spare/Service Parts Logistics. The management of the time critical delivery (and return) of spare parts to end users as part of an after sales service.
Scientific Periodicals Library
State Publications Library
STANDARD PAY LINE. The Standard Pay Line is a mathematical relationship between contribution and salary. The Standard Pay Line tracks from the lowest pay, GS-1/1, to the highest pay, GS-15/10. It is increased annually in accordance with the General Schedule pay increase.
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Supplier Code
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South Property Line
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Special Especial