Definitions for "DBA"
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Decibel rating with the range being 0(good) to 130(bad).
Decibel (An "A" weighted measurement for sound)
Decibels A Scale, a unit of intensity measured in sound pressure level with a weighting for the loudness response of the human ear.
Used to designate the name of a business as it is commonly known rather than its legal name, the name of the owner, etc.
"Doing Business As." A (fictitious) name given to the business that is separate and apart from the ownership name.
DBA is an acronym for "doing business as". For example, you may name your corporation, "The Smith Family Corporation", but your business is known to the public as ABC Restaurants. In this instance, your business would be identified as The Smith Family Corporation, d/b/a ABC Restaurants.
De Bellis Antiquitatis. Simple fast play ancient wargame and campaign rules with army lists. Latest version is 1.1 published in March 1995.
De Bellis Antiquitatis (rules for ancient and medieval warfare)
A person whose job it is to manage databases. A DBA's tasks may include assigning security privileges to the databases, creating and designing databases,...
wºÞ²z­û¡]Database Administrator
Database Administrator (DBA) is a person who runs the database, insuring that it is running properly. Certain problems that occur within the system can only be addressed by this person.
Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH) is a low-cost airline based in Munich, Germany. It operates scheduled domestic and international services and also operates charter flights for tour operators to Europe and North Africa. Its main base is Munich International Airport.
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation. A process that optimizes overall network efficiency by automatically increasing or decreasing the bandwidth of a channel to accommodate changes in data flow from end-user equipment.
(Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation). DBA is a method of reallocating bandwidth (such as a B channel) automatically. DBA allows you to place or receive a voice call while a Multilink PPP call is active.
Diamond Blackfan Anemia. A rare pure red blood cell anemia beginning in infancy and childhood and resulting from the failure of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.
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Davis-Bacon Act
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Delhi Bar Association
Applies to own system advantage in terms of sensor, reconnaissance, and intelligence data in a particular “battle space.
Defence Bills Agency. Primarily responsible for paying bills submitted to the Ministry of Defence by defence contractors.
This indicates the level of power in dB, referenced to 0 dB (absolute).
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Design basis accident