Definitions for "Business to Business"
Research whose respondents are businesses rather than consumers. The same as industrial research.
a company selling to another business not the consumer. Also known as Broadband.
Marketing activity directed from one business to another (as opposed to a consumer).
Electronic transactions between one business and another.
A business model for business on Internet. Popularly called as B2B,it includes ecommerce transaction between two business organizations.
Marketing efforts directed from one business to another.
Any marketing activity that is focused on generating revenue from one business to another.
Sales focused on business customers, either for internal use or resale.
transactions between two businesses, or companies whose customers are primarily other businesses
A transaction that occurs between a company and another company. The provision of goods and services by one company for another company.
Also seen as B2B. A B2B company offers goods and services to other businesses.
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(B2B) b . Business to business electronic commerce.
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Contact that is primarily to other business. Also known as b2b.
A term used in contact centers to represent the type of contact that is primarily to/from other business
Denotes online communication between business entities.