Definitions for "Electronic"
Electronic was a supergroup formed by New Order frontman Bernard Sumner on vocals, guitars and keyboards, and ex-Smiths guitar player Johnny Marr on guitars, bass and keyboards.
Electronic was the 1991 self-titled debut by British supergroup Electronic.
Using the methods or principles of electronics as part of the working mechanism; -- of devices; as, electronic circuit; electronic devices; electronic entertainment devices.
The technical discipline of providing a protective enclosure for an electronic circuit so that it is able to perform in a specified range of environmental conditions.
The use of active electronic components (integrated circuits, transistors, valves etc) which require a power supply to function. Such "active" components will always be used in conjunction with passive components
Any action feature ( light-up or sound ) that battery or some sort of power source. Figures with electronic features tend to be bulkier to accomidate the extra mechanisms and wires needed. Just check out the hump on the back of Kenner's Electronic Power F/X Obi-Wan. Note: Also, Transmetal Optimal Optimus is the first electronic figure in the Beast Wars toy line.
Involving a system of operation that involves the control of a flow of electrons. ( Electrical means using electricity for power.)
slate/tablet: A device commonly used in audiographic teleconferencing that uses a special surface and stylus or electronic pen for producing graphic images at the origination site; distributed to participating sites for interaction through audiographic teleconferencing.
Using computerized storage or transmission of information; as, electronic banking; electronic mail; electronic fund transfer.
Used adjectivally to describe digital artefacts, and might often be replaced by 'virtual' or 'digital'. We speak of electronic articles on the web, for example, and most commonly of electronic mail. Electronic is commonly abbreviated to the prefix 'e-', and so we hear of e-journals, e-supplements, e-publishing and of course e-mail
postmark An electronic time and date stamp on electronic mail that will authenticate a document's existence at a particular point in time.
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Electronic books at come in three varieties. Microsoft Reader and Adobe eBook editions can be downloaded directly onto a PC whose hard drive contains the associated reading software. Palm Reader ebooks work on nearly any computer or handheld PC on the market. See our eBook page for more information about the reading requirements for each Electronic format.
Of or pertaining to an electron or electrons; as, electronic energy.
of or pertaining to electronics.
Pertaining to the application of that branch of science which deals with the motion, emission, and behavior of currents of free electrons, especially in vacuum, gas or phototubes and special conductors or semi-conductors. Contrasted with electric which pertains to the flow of large currents in wires or conventional conductors.
a way of leading and accompanying singing and having interludes, etc available
In libraries, this usually describes anything that can be accessed with a computer. CD-ROM and online databases are both electronic.
Usually refers to something that is available via the computer (as opposed to a traditional format such as a book or article in a magazine). Example: the card catalog used to be available in file drawers, but now it is available "electronically" through the Online Library Catalog.
EMPLOYEE: use for workers who are not executives; may use for layoffs EMPLOYMENT: includes unemployment; often used with STATISTIC.
Any type of artwork or copy can be reproduced through engraving, as long as the artwork can be wrapped around a cylindrical drum.
Technology associated with tiny particles of subatomic matter known as electrons, which contain the smallest known negative electrical charge.
a professional LCDs manufacturer in China
of or relating to electronics; concerned with or using devices that operate on principles governing the behavior of electrons; "electronic devices"
of or concerned with electrons; "electronic energy"