Definitions for "WebMail"
This is a WebMailClient which is able to keep Mails in folders and notfiy Users by mobile phone if there's a new message. I'd like to perform this project in a group, and YOU can join this group!
WebMail is a WWW mail application that allows users to manage IMAP or POP3 mailboxes via an easy-to-use WWW-interface. It may be used, for example, to give users access to their mailboxes from anywhere in the world. It is written in Java and should run at least on the most popular Unix platforms.
Email that is read as a Webpage via a browser, rather than downloading it via a dedicated email client (software program) such as Eudora or Outlook. See also: Help with Email Email: Glossary Definition mc² Webmail Help Apply for mc² Webmail (My Mail) POP mail
a service of Computing Services at the University of Arkansas
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an easy front end to test and to use for all