Definitions for "SOLID STATE"
This term came into use to describe transistors, which when first invented were used to do things that had previously been done by vacuum tubes. In tubes the electric current is transmitted through a gas at a very low pressure; in transistors it is transmitted through a solid, hence the descriptive name, 'solid-state devices.' As commonly used, solid-state means using transistors and diodes, rather than vacuum tubes or relays and contacts.
A term describing electric circuits made of solid components (i.e., no moving parts).
A device which is able to control current without the use of moving parts or vacuum tubes.
Solid State is the debut album by 12 Moons, a Swedish psychedelic trance musical artist. It was released in 2004 by Candyflip Records.
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Solid-state fence controllers deliver a medium amperage shock in pulses of medium duration. They are best used to control shorthaired livestock, small animals, and pets where light weed conditions exist.
To a Democrat it's Massachusetts. To a Republican it's Nevada.
Solid state, at its most basic level, means "no moving parts." Therefore, ...
No moving, mechanical parts.
When referring to storage, Solid State storage is implemented using integrated circuits as opposed to disk storage, using hard disks.
Solid is a state of matter. Solid molecules hold together very tightly and often line up in exact patterns, therefore, solids do not flow. Solids do not change their shapes or volumes.