Definitions for "Microdrive "
A miniature hard drive from IBM that fits the Compact Flash Type II format. To record images to a Microdrive, a digital camera not only needs to be compatible with Compact Flash Type II, but also electronically compatible (able to provide the power required and have the necessary firmware.)
An ultra-miniature hard disk technology from IBM that uses a single one-inch diameter platter to provide either 170MB or 340MB storage capacity and either one or two GMR heads, the Microdrive is built into a Type II CompactFlash form factor.
A miniature hard drive that is small enough to be used as a Compact Flash memory card for use with digital cameras.
Microdrive is a tiny live CD distribution and a set of scripts that generate it using isolinux, busybox, and your host system. An initrd image allows you to modify it to your hearts content.