Definitions for "MFM"
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code (Modified Frequency Modulation code) A method of encoding analog signals into magnetic bits or optical pits. MFM uses a fixed length encoding scheme that eliminates the need for space-consuming timing information used in FM. Bits are evenly spaced in time on the disk surface. This type of encoding scheme allows even single bit errors to be detected and corrected by the controller electronics. MFM was eventually replaced by the RLL method in hard drives, but it is still used in floppy drives.
Stands for modified frequency modulation, an encoding method used to store data in hard disks.
MFM hard disk drive interface
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Mercado del Film del Mercosur
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A triad with a Male, Female, and another Male. Possibly a V centering on the middle female
A male-female-male traid or V. Various combinations of F and M represent the genders of the people in the unit, with letter order frequently representing the internal patterns.
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multifunction machine