Definitions for "FDD"
Keywords:  duplex, tdd, uplink, downlink, division
See "Frequency Division Duplex".
Frequency Division Duplex. Full duplex operation by using a pair of frequencies, one for transmission and one for reception.
Frequency Division Duplex. The simultaneous exchange of uplink and downlink information on different frequencies.
Flexible or Floppy Disc Drive. A storage medium with a capacity of 1.44 megabytes (MB).
A low-cost, low-capacity (usually 1.4 megabytes) removable disk storage device. See floppy disk.
Differential Pressure principle Fluid Density Tool.
Abbreviation for requency ivision uplex.
Facility for the developmentally disabled. A type of nursing home primarily for developmentally disabled persons. State centers for developmentally disabled persons are FDDs. Licensed under ch. HFS 134 Adm. Codes.
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Focus to Detector Distance. The distance between the x-ray tube focal spot and the x-ray detectors.
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Feature Driven Development.