Definitions for "Data transmission"
Français : Transmission de données Deutsch : Datenübertragung
The transmission of data between computers or over a telecommunications network.
Transmitting data over the mobile phone network using your mobile handset. Your mobile phone could be used as a modem when connected to your notebook or desktop computer, and even PDAs to transmit such data.
an information transfer process carried out via a telecommunications system
sending electronic data from place to place via cable, wire, fiber optics, microwave or satellite (input or output).
The exchange of digital information between two or more computers. Data is usually transmitted via a direct cable connection, a computer network or telephone lines.
The transfer of information from one place to another or from one part of a system to another. The sending of data from one place to another by means of signals over a channel.
A communications event where data is transmitted from one device to another.
An event in which a block of data is transmitted from one device to another.
the electronic exchange of information
Electronic exchange of information between two data processing points.
Computers and other devices communicating on a network. Examples include e-mail, the Internet, ATMs.