Definitions for "Time Division Multiple Access"
Keywords:  tdma, fdma, slot, multiplex, cellular
A communications technique that uses a common channel (multipoint or broadcast) for communications among multiple users by allocating unique time slots to different users. TDMA is used extensively in satellite systems, local area networks, physical security systems, and combat-net radio systems.
A method of digital wireless transmission that allows a large number of users to share access (in a time ordered sequence) to a single radio frequency channel without interference by assigning unique time slots to each user within the channel
(TDMA): An accessing technique that allows separate communications sources to share the same telecommunications channel. Each user site has a time slot allocated during which data for that site may be transmitted or received.
Keywords:  gprs, upgrade, gsm, hence, worldwide
Circuit-switching mobile data network transferring data between a mobile device and a base station. Involves GSM capabilities, hence likely to upgrade to GPRS. Has 210 million subscribers worldwide.
A method of solving the problem of the signals of two readers colliding. Algorithms are used to make sure the readers attempt to read tags at different times.