Definitions for "Via"
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A vertical opening that is filled with a conducting material, such as metal to allow for the electrical connection of several layers on the IC, typically either tungston or Cu
A small hole formed through the wafer or Printed Circuit Board and metallized, causing electrical connection to be made from the front (the side on which the circuitry is formed) to the backside of the wafer, substrate, or Printed Circuit Board.
A plated-through hole used to connect two or more conductor layers of a multilayer board, in which there is no intention to insert a component lead or other reinforcing material. See through-hole via, blind via, tented via and buried via.
Valutazione di Impatto Ambientale
VIA Emulación de comportamientos inteligentes en juegos de tablero. Modelado de juegos, algotirmos y heurísticas para emular comportamientos inteligentes. Control de procesos.Estadísticas de exploración
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A road or way.
a broad public road; within Rome during the Republican period only two streets carried this designation, Sacra Via and Nova Via
Versatile Integrated Avionics, offshoot of Integrated Modular Avionics.
Vendor's ISDN Alliance. A nonprofit corporation formed by key ISDN vendors to address interoperability issues. See also ISDN.
Tracing its roots to 1963, VIA (formerly Volunteers In Asia and Trans-Pacific Exchange) is an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit organization (501(c)3) dedicated to increasing understanding between the U.S. and Asia. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, VIA provides two kinds of programs.
Avent's sturdy disposable container system for the collection and storage of breast milk. It can be used with all of Avent's breast pumps and some other brands also. The disposable cup bases can be sterilized up to three times and are also suitable for freezing. Bottle nipples in a variety of flows are available to fit the system.
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An alternative to the Pap smear, VIA is used to screen for precancerous changes of the cervix. VIA may be useful in low-resource settings; however, it often leads to false-positive results and is still under study.
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Vatican Intelligence Agency
Voice Interface Applications, AnyTransactions' customized voice applications accessed by any telephone and driven by the spoken word creating a new interface to existing Internet business systems.
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Chipset maker - Fabricant de chipsets
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By the way of; as, to send a letter via Queenstown to London.
1. By way of. 2. By means of.
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VIA Rail Canada Inc.
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VIA is a set of tools that allow you to create multiple configuration profiles in your computer, and then select which profile you're going to use at boot time, manually or automatically.
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A relay point in a communication
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VIA may refer to one of the following.