Definitions for "Footprint"
The amount of ground area used up by an object such as a house. Home Collections | Neighborhoods | Choose a Home | Available Homes | Request | Español 6385 Corporate Drive l Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 l (719) 592-9333 l Quick Mail
The pattern and space on a board taken up by a component.
The dimensions of a particular piece of equipment; used in computing floor loading and completing floor plan requirements.
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geometry of pads for soldering certain electronic component.
The pattern on the printed circuit board to which the leads on a surface mount component are mated. Also called a land or a pad.
a drop-in replacement (PCB design and board assembly) for WB PBGA for the same ball diameter and pitch
a great accessory for your tent
a ground cloth made by the tent manufacturer to fit your tent
a ground cloth made to fit specific tents
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The portion of the tread that is in contact with the ground.
The portion of the tread in contact with the road.
The mark left by a loaded tire's tread as it comes in contact with the road surface.
The impression of the foot; a trace or footmark; as, "Footprints of the Creator."
(1) An impression or mark made by a foot or shoe. (2) The amount of ground area used up by an object.
The impression made by any foot into a soft sediment.
The amount of square footage in a store used by a piece of equipment or display unit.
The working square footage required to support a particular function; either a workstation or group of workstations.
This refers to the general size of something, whether physical or virtual. For example, the footprint of an application or operating system can be either large or small - meaning the required system resources (memory, diskspace, etc.) is either large or small.
Refers to the largest size of the copying glass on a photocopier. Standard photocopiers have a footprint of 11 x 17.
This refers to the general size of something, whether physical or virtual. The footprints of small Internet appliances are compared against those of larger...
the process of using comparables to develop a media test strategy based on a similarly positioned and targeted product that has previously succeeded in the infomercial marketplace. Footprinting involves analyzing the preceding infomercials media buying execution: what markets, stations, time slots that the infomercial repeatedly aired on/in.
is the portion of computing resources such as RAM that it requires to operate a given program or piece of software HaleyRules has the smallest footprint among business rules inference engines.
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a wonderful idea
n. A characteristic `hacking' style; consisting of such elements as speed, number and length of pauses, commonly-appearing commands, words, phrases, and mistakes.
when manatees are swimming they leave a distinctive mark on the surface of the water
an irregularity of surface from which there is no relief without penalty
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a common magic symbol, here combined with two Greek satyr heads
The outline or exterior shape of a building on the site.
The shape and configuration of a building.
The 'footprint' of the building refers to those parts within the external walls.
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When you apply for credit, your lender will do a credit check with one of a number of Credit Reference Agencies, such as Experian or Equifax. This check will be recorded on your credit record, leaving a mark or ‘footprintâ€(tm) for other companies to see.
In the context of the environment, an entity's "footprint" is the impact that the entity has on the environment. In the context of global warming, an entity's footprint is measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide (equivalent) that the entity has emitted or caused to be emitted.
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The base dimensions of a pallet
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Riders exit from the opposite side of the train from that of which they were loaded
a pattern in the data included in a file
The printed-circuit pattern that accepts a device and connects its pins appropriately. Footprint-compatible devices can be interchanged without modifying the PC-board.
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re: noise footprint
an estimate of the land needed to sustain a person or population
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a sign you've been here
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See "Beam".
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