Definitions for "SMD"
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Surface Mount Device, or, Solder-mask defined.
Surface Mounted Devicesseltener: Solder Mask Defined
A component whose packaging is designed for use with surface mount technology.
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Senile Macular Degeneration
Standard Market Design. On March 1, 2003, ISO New England will implement a major redesign of the set of rules and procedures for the New England wholesale electricity market. The foundation of SMD is locational marginal pricing and multi-settlement system. The goal of SMD is provide predictable results: greater economic efficiency and competition, maintain power system reliability and reasonable wholesale electricity prices.
Standard Market Design. FERC proposal to implement the same set of rules for all users of the transmission grid. Under the proposal, the grid would be administered by an independent entity. The SMD proposal includes market rules that protect against market manipulation; customer protection through market power mitigation measures and oversight; and clear transmission pricing and planning policies for grid expansion.
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Syndrome MyéloDysplasique
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StarOffice Mail
Standard Microcircuit Drawing
SCO Doctor Standard Management Database.
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Severely Mentally Disabled. A designation for those adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses who are at the greatest risk for needing services. The SMD designation has been made using four components: the receipt of SSI/SSDI for a mental impairment, diagnosis, duration of impairment and level of functioning.
significant mental disability – a designation used by the Ohio Department of Mental Health.
Science Mission Directorate (NASA)
Smart Message Dialing
short message deliver
short message delivery
Soil Moisture Deficit. The amount of water that is required to bring a soil back to field capacity. Some, or all, of the water that is available to a plant within the soil will have been used up. The SMD is the quantity of water needed to top the soil back up to achieve its maximum available water capacity.
Christian group in a school, university or college
Schools Management Division
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Scan Mirror Drive