Definitions for "SOLDER MASK"
Keywords:  pcb, mask, pad, circuitry, bridges
A technique wherein everything on a circuit board is coated with a non-conductive polymer except the contacts to be soldered, the edge-card connectors and fiducials.
Used to protect the board and circuitry during the assembly and packaging operations. Among other things, the solder mask helps prevents solder bridges between adjacent pads and traces during the wave soldering process. Liquid Photo-imageable (LPI) is our standard process.
Generate your soldermask artwork with a swell of 0.008" to 0.010" larger than the component and solder side pads. Our manufacturing process needs at least 0.005" mask between pads in order to adhere to the board. Anything less than that has the potential for lifting and re-depositing on surface mounts that would then prevent solder coverage.
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See Solder Resist.
Non-preferred term for solder resist.