Definitions for "Bridges"
If a tooth has been lost, crowns can be prepared on either side of the gap and a bridge manufactured by the laboratory. The bridge consists of two crowns with the replacement tooth attached to them and suspended in the gap. This is cemented into the mouth eliminating the need for a plate (denture).
Fixed - A set of one or more false teeth cemented in place in the mouth. Retainers secure the bridge to the teeth. Fixed-removable - A set of false teeth the dentist can remove but the patient cannot. Removable - A set of false teeth, usually held by clasps, that the patient can remove.
a partial denture which is a prosthetic replacement of one or more missing teeth cemented or attached to abutment teeth or implants adjacent to the space.
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Biomedical Research Informatics Delivered by Grid Enabled Services for further information see the project website at
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A bridge is a simple way to separate a local area network (LAN) or connect two LANs together. A bridge works similar to a hub in the sense that all data is passed through the bridge and on to the destination.
Devices that filter packets between LANs by making a simple forward/don't forward decision on each packet they receive from any of the networks they are connected to.
filters traffic within a single network. They operate like a traffic cop to direct messages toward a destination and to exclude messages that are intended for other destinations. Like repeaters, they can join network segments. Unlike repeaters, they can extend the network by resending the signal. You may find you need a bridge as traffic on your network increases.
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Made of hard maple and located on the front side of the soundboard, the bass and treble bridges transfer the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard, resulting in tone.
United States labor leader who organized the longshoremen (1901-1990)
A rent subsidy program that links housing with social services for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. Bridges is operated by a local housing agency, which provides housing services, and a local mental health authority, which provides other support services while persons are on waiting lists for federal or other permanent housing subsidies.
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See "Micro Ties."
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Those beliefs that people have that are already part of God's truths.