Definitions for "Subsidies"
Governments use subsidies to support companies in order to promote employment or to support economic growth. They might do this through a straightforward grant by exempting certain sectors from tax.
Money given by governments to keep down prices of vital goods and services
cash or other incentives given to a producer of goods that the government would like to attract to another area or maintain in its established location
Incentives or guarantees given to dealers, usually in order to boost a car's residual value and/or cut interest rates (and thus reduce your monthly payments). A lease with subsidies is also called a "subvented" lease.
Payments or benefits given by one country to the manufacturers or producers of a particular product in their country to help them compete internationally or to give them an advantage.
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Sums paid by the State to Finance Companies as part of the interest payments on loans aimed at financing the buying of Council Houses.
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See Adoption Assistance.