Definitions for "schedule"
A written or printed scroll or sheet of paper; a document; especially, a formal list or inventory; a list or catalogue annexed to a larger document, as to a will, a lease, a statute, etc.
A schedule is a list of all property that is in your trust. For an individual trust there is only one schedule. For a basic shared trust there are three schedules: one for property owned solely by the wife; one for property owned solely by the husband; and one for property owned jointly by the husband and wife.
A consistent order of or timetable for particular activities
You can configure the time when you want the Backup or Restore to start automatically
The planned times of movement between two locations. (a) The time which is supposed to be consumed in a movement between two points. (b) A list of prices or other information, such as a freight tariff, is often called a freight schedule.
The project timeline, identifying the dates (absolute or relative to a start date) that project tasks will be started and completed, resources will be required and upon which milestones will be ...
the document that shows the details of your cover including the your details, any endorsements to your policy, and any declarations that you have made and agreed too.
a convenient vehicle for Federal agencies to purchase the products/services they need without having to endure what can be a very detailed and long bidding process
an explanatory part of legislation
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The courses for which a student is enrolled during a semester or summer term.
All courses in which a student enrolls during a semester or summer term.
(SKEH-jool) In clinical trials, the step-by-step plan for how patients are to be treated; for example, the drug or type of radiation therapy that is to be given, the method by which it is to be given, the amount of time between courses, and the total length of treatment.
a government wide procurement contract that combines fair and reasonable pricing with ease of procurement for a multitude of products and services
a key federal government procurement vehicle enabling approved companies to sell their products to the government agencies
a negotiated contract for all Government agencies to use
A form specifying, usually in tabular format, the information to be collected by a survey enumerator. Unlike a questionnaire, it does not specify the precise wording of questions.
A term sometimes used to refer to a survey questionnaire.
a wonderful and necessary tool, but let it be your slave and not your master
If perfecting your spelling is on your schedule, remember the [sk] is spelled as in "school." (If you use British or Canadian pronunciation, why do you pronounce this word [shedyul] but "school," [skul]? That has always puzzled me.)
a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
an encapsulation of spatio-temporal relationships
A term used to define the wall thickness of pipe (schedule 40, 80, 160 and others).
A system for indicating the wall thickness of pipe. The higher the schedule number, the thicker the wall for a certain pipe size.
A pipe sizing system for the outside diameter and wall thickness dimensions that was started by the iron pipe industry. Normally, as the diameter increases, the pressure rating decreases for any given schedule of pipe.
plan for an activity or event; "I've scheduled a concert next week"
make a schedule; plan the time and place for events; "I scheduled an exam for this afternoon"
an event with appointment times filled in for each parent's requests
a series of source cards, qualified by planetary motion, data select, local oscillator, and fine tuning cards
The series of numbers, captions and accompanying instructions or notes that constitute the core of a classification scheme . For the Library of Congress Classification, the schedules are designated from A-Z with one, two, or three letters denoting the class or subclass within the schedule. In the Dewey Decimal Classification, the schedules are designated by the series of DDC numbers 001-999.
an institutionally stylized strategy for dealing with preoccupations
A system whereby scrap is shipped in a manner and at a rate deemed desirable by our customers and/or ourselves. If scrap is to be scheduled, both buyer and seller should be made aware of that possibility, as it becomes a part of our contractual responsibility.
The schedule line on the purchase order identifies an item and scheduled ship quantity that may be different from the requested quantity due to item availability or shipping needs.
A news editor's record of assignments.
Another term for assignment or the funding associated with it.
This is used as a verb in the SchoolTool UI, to refer to the process of assigning a student to his or her sections.
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a bad thing to have as it puts pressure on you to be somewhere at a specific time
a strange thing indeed
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a first for the Lady Chargers
See "records retention and disposition schedule"
to determine and formalize the retention period for a records series
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see Roster
an important part of CareerBuilder
an excellent way for a small business to sell products and services to the U
an excellent way to set your biological clock and sticking to the one you put in motion will make your day run smoother and improve your sleep habits
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a mock-up of reason and order
a set of pairings that covers all of the legs exactly once (or at least once if deadheading (flying without working) is allowed
is a proposed contract showing airtime to be booked. The schedule will show the number of spots to fall within each day part and on which stations. The signing of the schedule forms a contract between the radio station and the advertiser.
Advertising programming. Common to all media.
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a set of instructions which CRD uses to run and export a single Crystal Report
A schedule indicates quarter-hourly the amount of power that has been exchanged between balance areas or the amount of power that has been fed in/withdrawn at the point of supply/withdrawal during a transmission.
a sequence of pits (equivalently, blocks) that meet user defined targets and thus gives the best picture of optimal ways of developing the mine
a sequencing of contents in a broadcast
A statement of the sequence of operations, such as the types of finishing materials; amounts of reduction; methods of application; drying times and temperatures; and sanding and rubbing operations, used in obtaining the finish on the work.
a group of shifts and employees
a proposed or actual record of employees working -- shifts for a department for a range of days
a form that in generally completed to provide information that is transcribed on another form
a structured one-hour personal interview, in which the drug questions are answered by respondents in self-administered modules
a receptive communication tool in that it aids comprehension of the messages provided by others
A country’s schedule is the document that sets out the terms, conditions and qualifications under which it will import foreign goods or open service sectors to foreign competition.
a data structure that combines actions in the specific order in which they should execute
A scheme for the execution of test procedures. The test procedures are included in the test execution schedule in their context and in the order in which they are to be executed.
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Pay plan applying to a particular bargaining unit (union) of employes or to non-represented employes.
a plan to perform n runs each l generations long
A document attached to an instrument for registration or to a contract or agreement, which may contain information required in the instrument or extra terms of the contract.
A sheet attached to a document providing additional or specific information relevant to the main purpose of the document.
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a guideline and should be flexible
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a smart move that provides you with greater access to the Federal market
a basic guide that helps the person make their work at home experience more professional
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a difficult balancing act
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a preferred Source of Supply
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a device to help us get where we want to go
A database record that describes scheduled client operations or administrative commands. See administrative command schedule and client schedule.
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a simple process
an official federal contract, it is not funded
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See " lease schedule."
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See Equipment Schedule.
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To form into, or place in, a schedule.
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see tax schedule.