Definitions for "Funded"
Invested in public funds; as, funded money.
In pension plans, one that has accumulated sufficient funds to meet the future financial obligations of the plan. For example, a pension plan is fully funded if the contributions during the active working lifetime of the employees' retirement benefits are fully paid for. This means that annuities have been bought or sufficient money is available to provide all pensions earned to date. Opposite of an unfunded plan, or pay-as-you-go plan, without prior accumulations of funds.
This refers to a loan in which checks have been issued. Ginnie Mae A government organization that administers mortgage-backed securities programs to channel new sources of funds into residential financing through the sale of privately issued securities.
This term usually refers to beds/rooms/suites that are subsidized financially by the government. May be termed subsidized.
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a constant challenge
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furnished with funds; "well-funded research"
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Existing in the form of bonds bearing regular interest; as, funded debt.
A term indicating that the necessary funds and accounts are available to a specific project.