Definitions for "Bonds"
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Fixed income debt instruments issued by governments or corporations.
A debt obligation issued by a government, corporation or municipality that generally pays a stated rate of interest at regular intervals and returns the face value upon maturity. The following are the most common types of bonds: Agency Bonds, Callable Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Coupon Bonds, Flower Bonds, Government Bonds, High-Yield Corporate Bonds, Individual Retirement Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Serial Bonds, Sinking-Fund Bonds, Zero Coupon Bonds.
A generic term for life assurance policies that contain a nominal amount of life cover and a large investment content. Marketed as investments and subject to special tax treatment. Phrase also used to describe Government securities.
there are two general types of bonds. Fidelity bonds address employee dishonesty and surety bonds address the guarantee of performance.
The bonding company guarantees the promise of and will answer for the failure of a person to deliver a promise to another. There are several different kinds of bonds available: 1. Contract bonds 2. License and permit bonds 3. Public official bonds 4. Judicial or court bonds 5. Federal surety bonds.
My word is my Bond! This is a written guarantee, usually for payment.
These are, in essence, a financial backstop for a contractor's guarantee. A person or authority awarding a contract requires protection against the failure of the contractor to meet the terms of the contract. There are many forms of contract in commercial use, for example, performance bonds (contract guarantees), bid bonds, customs bonds, supply bonds and so on. You may even have heard of maid bonds in certain countries.
a client may require a contractor to provide a bond for the duration of the contract, which would become availabe to the client to meet any additional expenses that might result from a failure on the part of the contractor to meet his responsibilities. Such bonds are normally 10% of the contract value and are obtained from banks or insurance companies.
bonds - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Bonds is an Australian manufacturer of men's, women's and children's underwear and clothing. It is a popular mid-range brand. Its trademark Chesty Bond is recognised by many Australians as a popular national icon.
Certificates of indebtedness representing long-term borrowing of capital funds, the terms of which contain an indenture pledging the property as security for the loan and providing for the appointment of a trustee to represent the bondholders. If the lien of the mortgage is limited to specific property owned at the time the mortgage was created and to replacements thereof, the mortgage is described as "closed." If the lien extends to "after acquired" property which may be used as the basis for issuance of additional bonds under the terms and provisions of the indenture, the mortgage is referred to as an "open-end" mortgage.
Procedure to join together two sheets of plastic or to join plastic to another substrate. It is recommended that the user test any new adhesive or bonding agent prior to use. Many solvent type adhesives will break down plastics or cause bleeding of pigments. Superglue is not recommended.
in broad terms these protect the insured from dishonest acts performed by one or more of his employees. The property insured is money, securities, and other property (including merchandise, stock, etc.). The employees protected against can be named individually or by the position they hold within the firm with the limit of coverage being per employee or an overall aggregate limit regardless of the number of employees involved.
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an attractive force that holds together the atoms, ions, or groups of atoms in a molecule or crystal
Forces holding particles together
forces that hold atoms together
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Horizontal patterns in which bricks are laid.
A loan where the payments are a legal obligation of the property owner.