Definitions for "Essence"
The constituent elementary notions which constitute a complex notion, and must be enumerated to define it; sometimes called the nominal essence.
The constituent quality or qualities which belong to any object, or class of objects, or on which they depend for being what they are (distinguished as real essence); the real being, divested of all logical accidents; that quality which constitutes or marks the true nature of anything; distinctive character; hence, virtue or quality of a thing, separated from its grosser parts.
Constituent substance.
A Substance stored in the Kidneys, responsible for birth, growth, reproduction and development.
Also called Jing or Essential Qi in TCM, it is the basis for growth and development and various other physiological processes in the body. In some ways it is like the genetic code, providing the blueprint for other forms of energy. Some Essence is inherited from our parents and some is replenished from our food or depleted by age or poor lifestyle habits.
a fluid substance that provides the basis of reproduction, growth, sexual power, conception and preganancy. It is the material foundation of qi and is stored in the kidney. Also referred to as Jing
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Perfume; odor; scent; or the volatile matter constituting perfume.
To perfume; to scent.
Flavor components obtained in the evaporation process and returned to concentrated juices to heighten the flavor of the processed product.
the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; "the gist of the prosecutor's argument"; "the heart and soul of the Republican Party"; "the nub of the story"
Soul, or "higher" self, in distinction to the outer personality, or "lower" self. It generally refers to all nonphysical levels of self, including the astral and causal selves, as well as those that resonate with the three highest planes, although it can be used to refer only to the latter.
means essential oil.
a form of homeopathic medicine, which is based on the premise that "like cures like"
Behind form lies essence. Work on the essence and the right form will emerge. See Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.
an intellectual abstraction, not a metaphysical type
a mere name that hides the diversity of individuals under the umbrella of a species
The holistic total of the meaningful elements of an entity.
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A cook ought to know the very essence of each of the materials he uses.
The essence of a dream is the data structure that defines the local objects of that dream. The essence of a dream is an object that may be manipulated and given a name. Due to the dynamic scoping of dreams, the essence of a dream is insufficient to fully characterize a dream: the dream only takes on a meaning within another dream, or reality itself. The understanding of a dream is only defined while the dream is actually occuring, and is a function of the essence of the dream together with the understanding in which the dream occurs.
a set of properties that at most one individual can exemplify
The actual program (audio, video and/or data) without metadata. See also: Metadata.
Data providing an actual representation of programme content, for example digital audio or video samples.
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the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work
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Etched Glass Etching
the most important and significant aspect.
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a gift from the plant to the animal/human world and needs to be respected as such