Definitions for "Biscuity"
Keywords:  assam, pleasant, tea, smelt, aroma
term used for tea that has been well fired, often associated with Assam teas bitter tea: tea brewing method used in Kashmir, a region of northwest India and northeast Pakistan; tea is boiled in a tinned copper vessel; red potash, aniseed and salt are added before it is served from a brass or copper teapot black tea: a dark tea prepared from fresh-picked tea leaves that have been fully fermented before being dried; most common type of tea worldwide blend: a combination of different teas for flavor consistency from season to season
A descriptive term sometimes applied to the aroma of well-fired Assam tea.
Green tea leaves that have been oxidized, or fermented, imparting a characteristic reddish brew. The most common type of tea worldwide.
Commonly seen on the notes of wine writers talking about sparkling wines. It presents itself as a sweet, yeasty smell and a taste of dry digestive biscuits. It is predominantly derived from the action of autolysysis, the interaction between enzymes and yeast in the bottle-fermentation stage of sparkling wine production
characteristic of some sparkling wines. Presents itself as a sweet, yeasty smell and dry biscuit flavor; byproduct of autolysis (see autolysis).