Definitions for "Bitter"
Having a peculiar, acrid, biting taste, like that of wormwood or an infusion of hops; as, a bitter medicine; bitter as aloes.
Causing pain or smart; piercing; painful; sharp; severe; as, a bitter cold day.
Characterized by sharpness, severity, or cruelty; harsh; stern; virulent; as, bitter reproach.
causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold; "bitter cold"; "a biting wind"
extremely and sharply; "it was bitterly cold"; "bitter cold"
Causing, or fitted to cause, pain or distress to the mind; calamitous; poignant.
Mournful; sad; distressing; painful; pitiable.
marked by strong resentment or cynicism; "an acrimonious dispute"; "bitter about the divorce"
proceeding from or exhibiting great hostility or animosity; "a bitter struggle"; "bitter enemies"
Keywords:  grief, regret, shed, tears, expressive
expressive of severe grief or regret; "shed bitter tears"
Keywords:  sorrow, truth, difficult, bear, accept
very difficult to accept or bear; "the bitter truth"; "a bitter sorrow"
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AA turn of the cable which is round the bitts.
The turn of a cable round the bitts.
Self-descriptive. Sign of ill-health caused by inferior treatment such as excessive stalks during crushing or even metal contamination.
Increases tone of gastrointestinal tissue
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Any substance that is bitter. See Bitters.
To make bitter.