Definitions for "Accept"
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To receive with a consenting mind (something offered); as, to accept a gift; -- often followed by of.
To take by the mind; to understand; as, How are these words to be accepted?
To receive with consent; to take without protest.
Accept is the debut album released by the Speed Metal band Accept. It was recorded in September and December 1978 at Delta-studio, Wilster. Drums on the album are played by Frank Friedrich, although he had been replaced by Stefan Kaufmann previous to the release of the record.
ACCEPT is the primary nongovernmental organization advocating for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Romania. It is based in Bucharest and also acts as the Romanian representative at ILGA-Europe. The organization also advocates on behalf of individuals with HIV-AIDS; and carries out many programs to encourage safe sex.
To receive as obligatory and promise to pay; as, to accept a bill of exchange.
In a deliberate body, to receive in acquittance of a duty imposed; as, to accept the report of a committee. [This makes it the property of the body, and the question is then on its adoption.]
receive willingly something given or offered; "The only girl who would have him was the miller's daughter"; "I won't have this dog in my house!"; "Please accept my present"
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in a .sql script file tells SQLPLUS to accept input from the keyboard. ACCEPT tab1 PROMPT ‘Enter table name --' SELECT * FROM &tab1
EWe do not accept credit cards - please pay in cash or by check.EHaving read over the film script, the actress called the director to accept the offer.ENobody could accept such a proposal.
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To receive or admit and agree to; to assent to; as, I accept your proposal, amendment, or excuse.
Agree to specified terms, as in a contract.
admit into a group or community; "accept students for graduate study"; "We'll have to vote on whether or not to admit a new member"
consider or hold as true; "I cannot accept the dogma of this church"; "accept an argument"
An "accept" finding on the LP (Loan Prospector)feedback certification indicates that the borrower's credit risk has been evaluated by LP and found to be acceptable. The seller (AHM) will not be required to repurchase the loan in the event of a loan default, provided all of the information used by LP in its evaluation was true, complete and accurate.
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To receive with favor; to approve.
(1) (of a game-try or a slam-try or an invitation to take a particular action) make the call suggested or invited, or a move in that direction(2) (of a transfer) make the call suggested by the transfer.
give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to; "I cannot accept your invitation"; "I go for this resolution"
tolerate or accommodate oneself to; "I shall have to accept these unpleasant working conditions"; "I swallowed the insult"; "She has learned to live with her husband's little idiosyncracies"
A function of SMP/E to accept software maintenance but not to apply it. A type of HTTP header, relative to CICS Internet support.
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dance laugh
Fibre material accepted for further processing in pulp/stock cleaning
Accepted portion of pulp after cleaning or screening operations.
One of three key concepts in the Microsoft approach to managing project trade-offs. It refers to accepting costs and resources as a time-and-materials strategy. See also optimize and constrain.
Advocacy Center for Children's Education and Parent Training
A function on data entry screens displayed by the network management workstation that allows data to be placed in the network management workstation's RAM.
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List of acceptable MIME types
To demonstrate approval of a Digital Signature Certificate by a Digital Signature Certificate applicant while knowing or having notice of its informational contents.
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Agreement to pay at some future date – a "time draft" drawn on the accepting party.
Choosing to rent your community to the applicant with a standard deposit.
An authorization action. Accepting an authorization results in an Active status.
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