Definitions for "Excuse"
To free from accusation, or the imputation of fault or blame; to clear from guilt; to release from a charge; to justify by extenuating a fault; to exculpate; to absolve; to acquit.
To pardon, as a fault; to forgive entirely, or to admit to be little censurable, and to overlook; as, we excuse irregular conduct, when extraordinary circumstances appear to justify it.
To regard with indulgence; to view leniently or to overlook; to pardon.
a reframe that attaches a dissimilar meaning or condition to your reactions
a reframe that attributes a different meaning or context to your behaviours
a reframe that attributes a unsimilar interpretation or qualification to your conducts
a note explaining an absence; "he had to get his mother to write an excuse for him"
defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning; "rationalize the child's seemingly crazy behavior"; "he rationalized his lack of success"
an attempt to free oneself from blame by deflecting attention and responsibility onto someone or something else
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a fable, a fallacy
To free from an impending obligation or duty; hence, to disengage; to dispense with; to release by favor; also, to remit by favor; not to exact; as, to excuse a forfeiture.
grant exemption or release to; "Please excuse me from this class"
ask for permission to be released from an engagement
a tool used by an incompetent individual to build bridges to nowhere and monuments to nothingness"
a factor that, if proven, establishes that the actor did not have the required state of mind and is therefore not subject to the sanctions of the criminal law
A defense that admits wrongdoing without criminal responsibility.
a lot like a complaint--it insults everyone around you and makes you look silly and weak
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greet interact
an attempt to escape confronting the reality
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accept an excuse for; "Please excuse my dirty hands"
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a polite rejection
Keywords:  stall, losing, buy, indication, face
a stall for time or an indication that a person cannot buy without losing face
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a poor patch for the garment of failure