Definitions for "Gross misconduct"
For purposes of qualifying for temporary continuation of coverage (TCC), a flagrant and extreme transgression of law or established rule of action for which you are separated from service and for which a judicial or administrative finding of gross misconduct has been made.
Any wilful action or omission by an employee which might merit dismissal. A series of wilful actions or omissions which might merit discipline may be treated as one instance of gross misconduct. Discipline is inappropriate without wilfulness but certain non-wilful actions or omissions might justify the competence procedure.
A criminal act, other than a violation of a motor vehicle traffic law, for which an individual has been convicted in a criminal court or to which the individual has admitted guilt. It also includes conduct that demonstrates a flagrant and wanton disregard of the rights, title or interest of a fellow employee or the employer. The penalty for gross misconduct is more severe than misconduct.
A kind of all-purpose category for extreme misbehavior by a player, coach, manager, or trainer. The penalty is suspension for the rest of the game and an automatic fine in the National Hockey League.