Definitions for "PARDON"
To remit a penalty and restore to the life of crime. To add to the lure of crime the temptation of ingratitude.
The act of pardoning; forgiveness, as of an offender, or of an offense; release from penalty; remission of punishment; absolution.
An official warrant of remission of penalty.
Keywords:  patron, saint, donum, guingamp, pardun
a religious festival held once a year at a church to honor the local patron saint
Pardon, from the Latin perdonare, — assimilated in form to donum, a gift, middle English, to the old French perdun and pardun, and modern French pardonner — signifies in Brittany the feast of the patron saint of a church or chapel, at which an indulgence is granted. Hence the origin of the word "Pardon" as used in Brittany. The Pardons do not extend farther east in Brittany than Guingamp, the date of whose celebration occurs on the first Sunday in July.
Keywords:  forgiven
The state of being forgiven.
a way of rewarding the offender for paying his debt and for becoming a law-abiding citizen
Keywords:  departure, leave
To give leave (of departure) to.
Keywords:  decree, broken, never, law, first
a decree that sets you right back as if you had never broken the Law in the first place
Keywords:  liberating, formal, someone, act
the formal act of liberating someone
Keywords:  fresh, start
a fresh start
Keywords:  restoration, rights
a restoration of rights
Keywords:  absolute, conditional, see
see Absolute Pardon or Conditional Pardon
a writing, the value of which is dependent upon the acceptance by the individual for whom it is intended
a deed, to the validity of which delivery is essential, and delivery is not complete without acceptance