Definitions for "jail "
A kind of prison; a building for the confinement of persons held in lawful custody, especially for minor offenses or with reference to some future judicial proceeding.
To imprison.
a place where people may be kept who have been accused of breaking the law. It is also a place where people may go who have been found guilty of breaking the law.
an inhabited dwelling-house within the statute of New York, which makes the malicious burning of an inhabited dwelling-house to be arson
an inhabited dwelling-house wit JEOFAILE
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an extremely difficult place from which to hit the golf ball safely. Often referred to when deep in the trees where the trees themselves look like the bars of a jail cell. Example: "Paul sliced his drive badly and had to play his second shot from jail."
a safe place
If you face a difficult shot and you don't have many options, then this is where you are said to be.
a directory in your system, and the user cannot see/do anything outside that directory
a software mechanism for limiting the ability of a process to access resources outside a very limited area, and it's done with security in mind
A state in which a proxy's access is limited to a given directory. The chroot directive lets the Unix system administrator place a proxy server into a "jail" where it has access only to files in a given directory. This helps limit damage if the server's security is compromised, because the intruder can access only the files in the one directory.
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Refers to the first month a claimed horse is in a new barn (new owner and trainer) whereby racing rules require it to be entered at a claiming price above that which it was claimed, should the new owner wish to race it.
Refers to the requirement that a horse which has been claimed that next runs in a claiming race must run for a claiming price 25 percent higher for the next 30 days. Commonly used in the phrase The horse is in (out of) jail.
jail is a small program which runs in the background, logging the reception of ICMP packets to the system log. This is a useful monitoring tool and can help detect attempted denials of service.
A temporary area on our servers that's dedicated to a each unique encoding job, and without any permissions to enter or exit. We use this to protect scripts being encoded from any access, even from our own software, except to the encoder that's running inside the jail.
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To dream of going to jail means you will be caught out in an embarrassing white lie.
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a paradise in comparison of the life I led before I came hither
a semi-virtualized computer in which the program runs
Your position when an opponent has played a devastating safety and there is virtually no way to escape.
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Slang for when you and your ball are in very deep trouble.
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a shelter and has food and drinking water, clean clothes
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a cage for people
a little affair that doesn't maintain much of any standard
a environment isolated and restricted from the host environment