Definitions for "Acquit"
To discharge, as a claim or debt; to clear off; to pay off; to requite.
To set free, release or discharge from an obligation, duty, liability, burden, or from an accusation or charge; -- now followed by of before the charge, formerly by from; as, the jury acquitted the prisoner; we acquit a man of evil intentions.
To clear one's self.
To bear or conduct one's self; to perform one's part; as, the soldier acquitted himself well in battle; the orator acquitted himself very poorly.
behave in a certain manner; "She carried herself well"; "he bore himself with dignity"; "They conducted themselves well during these difficult times"
Keywords:  atone, pay
To pay for; to atone for.
Keywords:  rid, free, set
Acquitted; set free; rid of.
Keywords:  shipments, accompany, wine, paid, tax
document which must accompany all shipments of wine on which tax has not yet been paid.