Definitions for "pay"
The process of compensating a party for the delivery of goods or services....
To satisfy, or content; specifically, to satisfy (another person) for service rendered, property delivered, etc.; to discharge one's obligation to; to make due return to; to compensate; to remunerate; to recompense; to requite; as, to pay workmen or servants.
Hence, figuratively: To compensate justly; to requite according to merit; to reward; to punish; to retort or retaliate upon.
For the portion of an appointment in excess of the available established FTE for the position and for activities of limited duration where no FTE is assigned shall be from funds designated as OPS. pay chart --
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To cover, as bottom of a vessel, a seam, a spar, etc., with tar or pitch, or waterproof composition of tallow, resin, etc.; to smear.
Fill a seam (with caulking or pitch); see 'The Devil to Pay', or to lubricate the running rigging: 'pay' with slush (qv) or protect from the weather by covering with slush.
give money, usually in exchange for goods or services; "I paid four dollars for this sandwich"; "Pay the waitress, please"
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Pay in the Royal Navy was poor, and varied with the rating of a seaman (landsman, ordinary, or able); officer’s pay varied with the rating of the ship they were serving on, with the highest pay on 1st rate ships and the lowest on 6th rate ships.
To give or offer, without an implied obligation; as, to pay attention; to pay a visit.
convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow; "Don't pay him any mind"; "give the orders"; "Give him my best regards"; "pay attention"
dedicate; "give thought to"; "give priority to"; "pay attention to"
in tort, to make amends or pay the price of wrong-doing - e.g. by award of damages The court held the defendant liable to pay damages for negligence. Note: you
do or give something to somebody in return; "Does she pay you for the work you are doing?"
An abbreviation for payment as in "20-Pay Life policy."
In the context of a payment order, to account to the ultimate payee or beneficiary in legal tender.
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Satisfaction; content.
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to beat, to hit
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The part of a formation which produces or is capable of producing oil or gas, or other economic product.
bring in; "interest-bearing accounts"; "How much does this savings certificate pay annually?"