Definitions for "Probation"
Community supervision that results following a determination by a juvenile court that a child has committed a delinquent act or is in need of supervision. Children on probation must follow rules set by the court and/or the probation officer.
A period of time during which the sentence of a Defendant is suspended and he/she must agree to certain terms and conditions of good behavior.
probation is part of the sentencing process. The suspension of a prison or jail sentence - the criminal who is "on probation" has been convicted of a crime, but instead of serving prison time, has ...
Academic status of students whose GPA falls below a minimum level (this varies from school to school).
A notice usually given if a student has earned a grade point average below 2.0.It serves as a warning, which gives time to improve academic achievement, or the student will be dismissed from the college.
Students whose GPA falls below a certain level will be placed on probation. Students on continued probation may be limited to enrollment in no more than six credit hours per semester. Students who remain on probation cannot graduate.
"esame, prova; (linguaggio legale) regime di semilibertà: libertà vigilata; affidamento al servizio sociale"
The act of proving; also, that which proves anything; proof.
Any proceeding designed to ascertain truth, to determine character, qualification, etc.; examination; trial; as, to engage a person on probation.
The trial of a ministerial candidate's qualifications prior to his ordination, or to his settlement as a pastor.
6 to 12-month period following graduation from BUD/S where the neophyte frogman is evaluated.
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The novitiate which a person must pass in a convent, to probe his or her virtue and ability to bear the severities of the rule.
See Orientation Period. Regular Employment Regular employment typically refers to service in an on-going, regularly scheduled position as opposed to those designated as temporary or on-call. Separation Separation from the University refers to the act of leaving University employ, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. See Termination.
Used as a form of discipline, it is a specified period of time during which an individual's performance or conduct is closely monitored.
the period time after release that a youth has to be monitored to make sure that he/she is adjusting well to society and is not getting into any more trouble. This period usually lasts two years.
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Refer to Sec. 9.45.