Definitions for "Supervision"
The small group teaching in Cambridge is called ‘supervision'; small group means between one and three students in a session. A supervision usually lasts and hour.
The role of a lecturer or tutor in helping a student to prepare coursework, essays, or a doctoral thesis. It contrasts with tutoring which refers to teaching of formal or informal kinds.
Teaching and discussion session.
The act of overseeing; inspection; superintendence; oversight.
Critical watching and directing (as of activities or a course of action). Superintendence, oversight. [D03310] Webster
management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group
The necessary education, assistance, and control provided by a journey-level employee that is on the same job site at least 75 percent of each working day, unless otherwise approved by the WSATC.
A process which begins with planning and continues throughout the examination, evaluation, report and follow-up phases of the audit assignment. Supervision includes: Ensuring that the auditors assigned possess the requisite knowledge and skills. Providing appropriate instructions during the planning of the audit and approving the audit programme Seeing that the approved audit programme is carried out unless changes are both justified and authorised Determining the audit working papers adequately support the audit findings conclusions and reports Ensuring the audit reports are accurate, objective, clear, concise, constructive and timely Ensuring that audit objectives are met Providing opportunities for developing internal auditors knowledge and skills
is a continuing process, beginning with planning and ending with the conclusion of the audit assignment. Supervision includes: Providing suitable instructions to subordinates at the outset of the audit and approving the audit program Seeing that the approved audit program is carried out unless deviations are both justified and authorized Determining that audit working papers adequately support the audit findings, conclusions, and reports Making sure that audit reports are accurate, objective, clear, concise, constructive, and timely Determining that audit objectives are being met (230.01 and .02)
Process similar to probation in that the juvenile is returned to the community, but not as serious or formal in nature. Supervision is given with the understanding that the court will take further action if the juvenile or parents do not follow court-recommended plans. Supervision is usually used in Family with Service Needs cases or delinquency cases handled non-judicially by a probation officer. TEMPORARY CUSTODYCourt-approved placement of a child or youth outside of his/her home for a short period of time before an adjudicatory or dipositional hearing is held.
Relates to any type of probation or general management of a juvenile under conditions or rules of conduct or instruction.
An episode, that has a specific time period, for which DJJ is responsible for providing some level of supervision over a juvenile. Supervision may be accomplished informally through a diversion agreement, or informal supervision, or formally through court-ordered probation supervision.
The process of leading and influencing individuals and groups to assist willingly and harmoniously in accomplishing objectives established by the organization. To ensure accomplishment of objectives, the supervisor is involved in establishing and communicating standards, measuring performance against those standards, and acknowledging success and reviewing areas of concerns.
The manner of providing a job environment that encourages employee accomplishment.
Supervising involves determining or interpreting work procedures for a group of workers; assigning specific duties to the group; maintaining harmonious relations among them; and promoting efficiency. A variety of types of responsibilities is involved in this function.
The term supervised refers to monitoring of the circuit, switch, or device in such a manner that a trouble signal is received when a fault that would prevent normal operation of the system occurs.
is a semi-formal or formal process of gaining feedback about one's practice, usually from a manager or supervisor. It is commonly used to help deal with difficult situations, to develop action strategies and to improve practice.
A means of monitoring system status and indicating abnormal conditions.
A process in which the legally responsible organisation (cooperating institution or IFAD itself) administers the loan, periodically reviews progress towards objectives, identifies key obstacles, helps find workable solutions and makes strategic changes, as required.
The period after a child is placed with a family and before the adoption is finalized. During this period, the supervising agency maintains regular contact with the child and family to provide supportive services, report on the progress of the adoption and make recommendations as to whether or not the adoption should be finalized.
Fees charged by the offical contractor to supervise installation and dismantling labor for exhibits.
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Supporting, checking and developing the work of an individual, group or team in order to improve the quality of their work. Developed in the UK and abroad in the 1920s, it is normally provided to teams and groups by external supervisors. The word 'supervision' in French and German has this meaning rather than the meaning 'line management supervision' commonly attributed to it in the UK.
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the use of some tools or processes should always be supervised by an adult.
The process of detecting a change of state between idle and busy conditions on a circuit.
See line management supervision.
The direction and management of other bank employees.
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See Regulation and Supervision.
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See community supervision.