Definitions for "Learning community"
A group of students who attend a set (or "cluster") of classes together. Sometimes students in a Learning Community live in the same residence hall, as with FIRST CLASS, but some do not, as with C2. Learning Communities can also reflect common interests but not restrict participation to specific majors.
a designated wing or floor in a residence hall where students live and learn in a cohesive group
a group of courses in which all students are registered for all courses
a place where critical inquiry is practiced by collegial partners who share a common vision and engage in shared decision-making
a rigorous plan of study focusing on the liberal arts
Persons engaged in focused learning and common prayer for strengthening their congregation/organization.
a cluster of individuals committed to learning, with and from each other, about something in which they share an interest
a place of shared knowledge, shared knowing, and shared responsibility
According to the Michigan School Improvement Framework, a learning community is a professional environment in which the teachers, administrators, and support staff in a school continuously seek and share learning and then act on what they learn to improve and enrich their effectiveness as content providers and instructional coaches.
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The capacity of any organization or local community to renew its ability to be viable and successful as a result of continuously learning new ways to educate, do economic development, govern, lead and work with each other.
This article examines the idea of learning community. It covers history, current models and examples, and trends in learning community research.
a way to interact with others who have similar academic interests, to learn together, and to enhance your experience at Iowa State
an innovative approach to learning that links and integrates two or more classes