Definitions for "Renew"
You can extend the amount of time you have an item on loan. To avoid fines, material must be renewed on or before the due date. Renewals can be done electronically. See the Self-Renewal page for directions on how to do this.
To extend the period of time you can borrow an item from the library.
To extend the due date on a book.
To make new again; to restore to freshness, perfection, or vigor; to give new life to; to rejuvenate; to re√ęstablish; to recreate; to rebuild.
Specifically, to substitute for (an old obligation or right) a new one of the same nature; to continue in force; to make again; as, to renew a lease, note, or patent.
To make new spiritually; to regenerate.
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To begin again; to recommence.
the Recovery of Nationally Endangered Wildlife is the national recovery program initiated in 1988 by the Wildlife Ministers Council of Canada.
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to restore to existence What is an Ecosystem
To continue a term policy for another period of time.
To continue the policy for another period of time. Permanent coverage is generally renewable annually for life. Term insurance coverage may or may not be renewable; if renewable, the renewal period may be much shorter than life.
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To repeat; to go over again.