Definitions for "Finance lease"
Under this type of lease the organisation leasing the goods is treated as if it owns the goods. It gains the profits that would come with ownership but it also suffers the losses.
(See Single Investor Lease for comparison.) General term applies to most types of equipment leases. Typically, a finance lease is a full-payout, uncancellable agreement, and the lessee is responsible for maintenance, taxes, and insurance.
A lease that transfers substantially all the risks and rewards incident to ownership of an asset to the lessee.
Keywords:  rental, vat, mileage, vehicle, lifetime
This is a finance contract where the customer pays for use of the vehicle only and is responsible for the final payment; the funding company owns the vehicle at end of contract.
an arrangement where the customer is entitled to full use of the selected plant / equipment / vehicle over an agreed term in exchange for a fixed rental
a rental agreement, where the finance company