Definitions for "payout"
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The total winnings on a punters' bet
It is the day on which the securities and funds are delivered/paid out to the members by the clearing house of the exchange.
What you get back from the bookie - your winnings and returned stake.
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When the costs of drilling, producing and operating have been recouped from the sale of products on a well.
The amount of time it takes to recover the capital investment made on a well or drilling program.
The recovery from production of the costs of drilling, completing and equipping a well. Sometimes included in in the costs is a pro-rata share of lease costs.
The actual dropping of coins by a machine. The actual payout occurs only when cashing out. In the case of a coinless machine, it is the printing of a cash voucher. In the case of a jackpot, it is usually a hand pay.
1. Withdrawal from a cash account. 2. The amount that the player will get if his play is a winner.
Cash payouts (usually delivered to your PayPal or eGold account) can only be requested once your account holds a certain sum, usually 1000-10000 times the value of a typical click. Some programs additionally require that a certain part of this sum comes from personal earnings, as opposed to those from referrals.
Your request for your account balance. Each member is allowed 2 per month, 1 before the 15th and 1 after.
Each year, foundations are required to distribute 5% of their endowment. Technically, the payout is based on their "non-charitable use assets," which means that a foundation which owns a research vessel or museum does not include those assets when calculating the required amount. Foundation expenses for administering their grant progams can be counted toward the 5%, but investment expenses cannot. For more information, see the Tax and Legal section.
A taxable payment declared by a companys board of directors and given to its...
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same as dividend
A particular point in time that a contractual payment obligation has been achieved.
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Money transfer to active affiliate.
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to let out line.